Dark Purple - Nail Polish Sticker
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    • Feel so smooth and flawless!
    • A great alternative to nail polish, won't damage your nails.
    • Non-toxic, made of 100% nail polish
    • Satisfaction Guaranteed With Every Order.
    • Can last more than 10 days, with a top coat it can last 15 days.
    • 100% Nail Polish Wraps
    • Stick-On Nail Polish Stickers
    • Can be used on natural nails (finger- and toenails), acrylic or gel nails, and shellac.
    • The package includes 14/16 nail wraps, enough for 2 manicures!
    • Fit to your nail size, and file off the excess
    • Easy to follow instruction sheet included.
    • Quick application & easy removal.
    • No heat is needed.
    • No LED/UV light or special tools are required.
    • Non-damaging adhesive, safe for natural nails.